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Two women hugging at a coffee shop with large window

Hold onto
what matters

Grief Counselling
to move you through Loss

Grief is deeply personal and

intersects with every part of you


If you're here, you've likely experienced a loss and are feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and vulnerable (it's an emotional mess). Whether you are mourning a death, dealing with a significant life change, or experiencing any other form of loss, we're here to offer you support. 

You are not alone


Grief counselling offers space for you to freely express your grief without judgment (it's ok to ugly cry).

We practice with compassion, cultural humility and affirm who you are. We start wherever you are, there is no timeline and you set the pace because it's centred on you. 

Cheerful Newlywed Couple

Find your calm.

Hold onto the good memories.

Embrace life.


My name is Eliezer

(pronounced Ella-zar, he/him)

I am a Grief & Loss Counsellor and Registered Social Worker in BC.

My life changed in 2017 after my friend died.

Six months later my grandma was at the end of her life.


Grief was tearing me apart and I couldn't figure it out alone.

Only with support was I able to hold onto what matters, my love and appreciation for those I care about. Now I support those experiencing all types of loss to move through their grief. 

Grief & Loss Specializations

Mourning & Bereavement 

Palliative Care & Serious Illness 

MAID (medical assistance in dying)

Caregiver Support 

Anticipatory Grief 


Pet Loss

Substance Related Loss

Moving & Loss of Home

Loss & Change of Faith 

Proudly supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Individuals

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